Improve Workplace Safety and Productivity With the Triax Connected Worker Platform

Avoid productivity pinch points and lone worker liabilities with connected worker software that seamlessly and automatically integrates all worksite data into a centralized dashboard for quicker, more actionable insights.

The Spot-r® IIoT platform connects individual workers and their equipment for a fully connected worksite. Our integrated software, coupled with wearable devices and AI-driven camera technology, gives managers eyes on all operations, in almost real-time. Industrial sites using Triax are able to dramatically improve workplace productivity, decrease evacuation and muster times, lower costs and reduce safety-related claims.

Discover real-time, unparalleled visibility into the day-to-day operations, bottlenecks, and risks happening across your worksites with a connected worker solution that empowers your entire team to be safer and more productive.

What is A Connected Worker?

Connected workers are employees or contractors who are equipped with digital devices including smartphones, tablets, or wearables that enable them to instantly connect with each other and with software, machines, equipment, and other people on or off the job site.

With Spot-r®, connected workers are issued a wearable safety device while working on a site. The data collected empowers managers to automate time-consuming processes, reduce emergency evacuation and muster times, reduce downtimes, and make more informed decisions about worksite efficiency metrics.

Triax joins your team with technology–and the results are exponential. Spot-r connected worker solutions give you visibility when you can’t personally ensure workplace safety and help you reveal hidden productivity losses. See how much you could save with our ROI Calculator.

Spot-r Has Everything You Need to Keep Your Site Connected

Worker Safety Features

The Spot-r connected worker platform is equipped with automatic fall detection, real-time evacuation and muster alerts, and a two-way notification system that enables notifications and real-time location of people and equipment during an emergency. 

Real-time Location Monitoring

When minutes can mean the difference between life and death, having accurate location data becomes invaluable. Issuing Spot-r safety wearables as part of the worker PPE gives you pinpoint accurate location data to dispatch first responders accurately. Understand what’s happening on your job site and where. Managers can use these insights to improve operations, find productivity bottlenecks, and mitigate future risks.

Worksite Quality Control

Use data from the Spot-r connected worker software platform to make cost-saving decisions about equipment, processes, and worker performance. Triax clients use our data to make operational changes that improve turnaround management and help them regain thousands of lost worker hours. 

Performance Dashboards

Spot-r streamlines the process of collecting and analyzing your connected worker data. Our intuitive dashboard comes with customizable reporting tools to help you focus on improving the most relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) at any given time. 

How Worksites are Using the Triax Connected Worker Platform

Worksites are able to take immediate action and realize improved safety protocols immediately after implementing our connected worker software. Here are two outcomes achieved by two Triax clients.

Case Studies

Improved Injury Response Time by 91%

Gilbane Building Company trusts Triax to return their workers home safely each night with improved response times and connected worker software that automatically locates on-site workers during an emergency, helping first responders get to them twice as quickly.

Regained thousands of hours in lost productivity 

Worley originally used connected worker wearables to improve safety but quickly improved labor productivity when our Spot-r IIoT revealed that workers were spending a lot of time waiting in three specific locations of the worksite. The team automated and optimized those areas, allowing them to improve efficiency during pre-turnaround. 

Digital technology, like wearable devices and Spot-r, offers great potential to improve safety and productivity on worksites,” said Rahim Ghassemi, Business Manager at Worley. “But when technology like this is combined with our team’s intimate knowledge and experience of our customer’s site and workforce, the outcomes are transformational.”


Industries that Are Using Triax Connected Worker Software Solutions

A fully-integrated IIoT-connected worker platform makes worksite safety and labor productivity on large worksites easier than ever.



More Spot-r Use Cases for Industrial Sites

Learn more ways Triax can help your worksite decrease costs, improve productivity, and keep your workers safe.

Safety and Emergency Management

Enhance worksite safety protocols with features such as two-way alerts, access control, instantaneous fall detection, and automated evacuation and muster procedures.

Equipment Monitoring

Gain real-time insights with our equipment management software, helping reduce downtimes, equipment and machinery costs, and more.

Labor Productivity

Get work-level data and operations insights to identify pinch points, adjust schedules, and automate processes for increased efficiency.


Identify productivity constraints, schedule communication, generate reports, and enhance the execution of site shutdowns.

Ready to Implement a Connected Worker Platform on your Worksite?

Triax makes it easy to get started with simple setup instructions, an intuitive data dashboard, and customizable connected worker settings. Contact us to get a dedicated Client Success Specialist today.