Worker Productivity with Spot-r

Turnstiles have proven to be an ineffective way to track workers. It does not account for groups in vehicles, missing check-ins, and in the case of shared contractors in divested sites, knowing who exactly is working for what company, what work they’re doing, and if they’re being productive. The inability to accurately track billable hours and usage of tools & equipment means that there are millions of dollars of inaccurately reported labor for every STO.

Lack of productivity is one of the most significant issues to be tackled across worksites. According to our own data gathering metrics on several different STOs across North and Central America, an average of 46% of the time that contractor’s bill for is spent in zones where they can’t even do the work they’re contracted to do.

This problem stems from 2 causes: poor data gathering and, as a result, poor visibility into the actual problem. The current industry standard for tracking hours worked is turnstiles and manned entry points. These are far from ideal and prone to human error. This manual process often doesn’t account for: 

  • Multiple workers in a vehicle
  • Workers entering into zones or gates different than the ones they perform their work in
  • Workers in divested sites touching several different projects in a day
  • On-site time spent in various zones

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Worker Productivity with Spot-r