See Your Entire Construction Site in One Intuitive Dashboard

Get proactive with advanced safety tech

Injuries on construction sites account for more than 30% of all incidents, but the possibilities for long-term safety improvements are growing every day. Watch the video to learn how tech-based safety gear is changing the tide on construction safety culture—and hear from Triax Vice President of Product Ian Ouellette on how the Spot-r® platform enables both reactive and proactive approaches to construction site safety.

Safer Jobsites with Complete Visibility & Control

Construction sites are dynamic, fast-paced, and filled with risk.

Spot-r provides project teams and safety managers with real-time visibility of all the moving parts — so you can optimize your resources, mitigate risks, and improve project management and productivity.

The Top Contractors in North America Rely on Spot-r by Triax

Typical off-the-shelf network and IoT systems don’t cut it in a construction environment. Spot-r is different. Our rugged hardware, practical network technology, and intuitive dashboard ensure complete visibility with real-time data capture and transmission — regardless of the environment.

With Spot-r, you gain valuable insights so you can ensure site safety, increase productivity, and automate time-consuming tasks.

Safer Jobsites, Safer Workers

Spot-r supports your mission to send your workers home safely each day with:

  • Free-fall detection capabilities
  • Worker-generated injury, incident, and hazard alerts
  • Worker certification and site safety compliance monitoring
  • Unauthorized equipment operator notifications
  • Site-wide evacuation system

Real-Time Visibility, Increased Productivity

Spot-r gives you full visibility so every resource is utilized effectively:

  • See real-time worker and equipment location by floor and zone
  • Monitor machinery and equipment utilization
  • Identify workers in specific areas of interest

True Automation – Save Time & Reduce Errors

Spot-r saves you time with true automation of everyday safety, security, and operational tasks:

  • Automate worker time and attendance across trades, subs, and projects
  • Streamline access control and automate worker check-in/check-out process
  • Data-driven safety documentation and processes

See Spot-r in Action