Data Analytics & Reporting


Spot-r’s cloud-based dashboard enables on-site supervisors and off-site management to see and analyze operations in real-time.

Aggregate Spot-r safety and productivity data can be filtered and analyzed by individual worker, group, subcontractor, trade, or site location. The dashboard can be viewed from any device, at any point in time, to provide a comprehensive view of your workforce, equipment, site operations, and safety.

From the dashboard you can:

  • View number of workers on site and hours logged
  • Real-time and historical views of workers by zone
  • View and address pending safety events
  • Manage worker profiles and certifications
  • Monitor the muster process in real time
  • Build custom reports
  • Add workers and assign/unassign Spot-r Clips

Data Analytics and Reporting

We are not only digitizing key site data but automating its collection and this is an important distinction when it comes to saving you time at your worksite.

Spot-r automatically collects man hours, worker location, and safety events with date, time, worker, and location automatically logged. All labor, safety, and risk data collected can easily integrate into your back-end project management system for one seamless, automated process. Our open API supports both third-party hardware and software integrations.

Key data being collected includes:

The Spot-r dashboard maintains hundreds of data points within your instance.

Data and custom reports are available to anyone with access to the dashboard—we offer unlimited user licenses—and can automatically be sent to key stakeholders, providing critical insights when you need them most.

You have the ability to report on a variety of metrics including hours, events, and worker counts by:

  • Company
  • Worker Type
  • Group
  • Subcontractor
  • Floor
  • Zone

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