Triax & MCi for Equipment Tracking and Payments

Leveraging an integrated solution can unlock greater benefits and transform your worksite operations, paving the way for improved financial outcomes, operational efficiencies, and client satisfaction.

Faster payment processing

By integrating our system with the payment processing system, vendors can receive payments more quickly. The proof of presence feature ensures that payments are made only for equipment that has been tracked and verified, eliminating delays and disputes.

Cost savings

With the implementation of the Slap and Track tags and proof of presence, owners have the advantage of paying only for the equipment for which there is proof of presence. This eliminates the possibility of paying for equipment that may not have been used or present on-site. These cost savings can potentially amount to millions of dollars annually, resulting in improved financial efficiency for your business.

Enhanced accuracy and accountability

The integration of our system with the Slap and Track tags provides a high level of accuracy and accountability. The data captured by the tags ensures that the equipment’s presence is verified, reducing errors and potential discrepancies in billing. This leads to improved transparency and trust between vendors and owners.

Improved decision-making

The availability of accurate and real-time data on equipment presence and usage empowers owners to make informed decisions. Access to detailed reports and analytics provides insights into equipment utilization, helping optimize resource allocation, identify underutilized assets, and streamline workflows.


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