Boost Your Digital Transformation Efforts with One Comprehensive Solution

Improve Productivity & Safety at Your Facilities

Manufacturing facilities are fast-paced and must operate with efficiency to meet company goals.

The Spot-r Suite offers different levels of visibility into your facility — providing insights to your team to improve safety compliance, identify bottlenecks and achieve operational excellence.

Practical, Easy-to-Use Technology for Your Facility

Typical off-the-shelf network and IoT systems don’t cut it in many complex work environments and can interfere with other systems or machinery. Spot-r is different. Our rugged hardware, practical network technology, and intuitive dashboard ensure complete visibility with real-time and near real-time data capture and transmission — regardless of the environment.

With Spot-r, you gain valuable insights so you can ensure site safety, increase productivity, and automate time-consuming tasks.

Safer Facilities, Safer Workers

Spot-r solutions support your safety initiatives with:

  • Worker-generated injury, incident, and hazard alerts
  • Worker certification and site safety compliance monitoring
  • Unauthorized equipment operator notifications
  • Site-wide evacuation system
  • Data privacy and no off-site tracking

Increased Visibility & Productivity

The Spot-r Suite gives you full visibility so every resource is utilized effectively:

  • Ensure your workforce is where they need to be to stay on schedule
  • Monitor machinery and equipment utilization
  • Identify workers in hazardous locations and other areas of interest

True Automation to Save You Time & Money

The Spot-r Suite saves you time with true automation of everyday safety, security, and operational tasks:

  • Automate worker time and attendance across your entire facility
  • Manage all worker certifications and receive alerts when those certifications are about to expire
  • Data-driven safety documentation and processes

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