Spot-r Network

When it comes to an IoT solution that works in challenging environments, like Construction jobsites, Oil & Gas facilities, and Energy and Heavy Industrial plants, Spot-r’s proprietary mesh network checks all the boxes for reliability, practicality, and scalability:

  • Our hardware stands up to rough elements and rugged environments
  • Our jobsite network requires minimal hardware installation and power requirements – 75% of our network pods are battery operated
  • Our solution can support tens of thousands of connected devices at a single site – this includes Spot-r Clips, EquipTags, EvacTags, and POI Tags

The Scale of Spot-r

We can connect everything from school renovations to mega projects and large acreage facilities.

185,00 Sq Ft

1000+ Acres

Single Story

75+ Stories

10 Devices

10,000+ Connected Devices

Spot-r’s proprietary communication protocol is the backbone of our connected jobsite network, enabling the real-time collection and transmission of data from wearables worn by workers and sensors tagged onto equipment, machinery, and specific areas of interest. Installed by our dedicated Deployment Team according to your site’s specific layout, the Spot-r network scales as needed with limited network hardware requirements and low power draw. Spot-r runs on a proprietary low frequency network and doesn’t require WiFi or GPS coverage to operate, a key advantage compared to other solutions that maximizes visibility on-site and ensures worker privacy off-site.

What We’re Not – Common Misconceptions

We are not GPS

  • No part of our system uses GPS
  • We run on a low-band radio frequency mesh network

We are not providing exact worker location

  • We are a floor and zone-based location system
  • This location information is used for faster response times in the event of an accident or emergency

We are not collecting any offsite activity

  • We care about worker privacy and once you are outside the network perimeter you are offsite
  • When a clip is blinking red, it is offline

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