Workers Weigh Rewards, and Risks, of Wearing a Fall Response Sensor

Triax Co-Founder, Chad Hollingsworth, spoke with The Jobsite’s Megan Headley about Spot-r by Triax, worker feedback and the ripple effect on construction sites. Check out highlights below or read the full article here. 

One of the keys to this data, however, is that the system provides real time tracking of workers’ location on site. In fact, that’s where the closed mesh network comes in—it limits the range of the device to the work site so that workers aren’t tracked beyond the confines of the job. Knowing the location of all workers onsite is a safety feature that ensures everyone goes home safely. It’s also a potential productivity booster in that it allows managers to know who is where. Assuming they gain employee buy-in in the first place, that is.

But Hollingsworth explains the sensor as but one example among a growing trend toward tools that empower workers to take charge of their own safety.

“There’s a big push right now, especially with the larger general contractors, to empower the worker to create a safer site,” he says. “Skanska gives out a business card that says ‘you’re empowered to stop work if you see something dangerous.’ We’re actually giving them a tool to do that.”

Read the full article on The Jobsite here.

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Workers Weigh Rewards, and Risks, of Wearing a Fall Response Sensor