Leader’s Edge Magazine interviewed Gilbane SVP – Director of Risk Management, Don Naber, and Triax President and CEO, Pete Schermerhorn, for an article on how wearable technology is opening employers’ eyes to danger zones, especially in the construction and manufacturing sectors. Check out a highlight below and then click here to read the full article.

“This was unique in terms of other products. Also, we appreciated the vision of Triax in emergency evacuation capabilities, and we are beginning to deploy sensors to monitor what is happening on site from a temperature, moisture and dust standpoint. Those are all critical elements, not just in terms of safety of people on site. They also impact work in progress.”

Currently, Gilbane is using the Spot-r devices on eight projects and is looking to implement them at four more construction sites. Eventually, Naber says, the company hopes “to expand this across as much of our portfolio as we can and make it more a norm than an exception.”

Click here to read the full Leader’s Edge Magazine article.