Our CEO, Robert Costantini speaks to safety, security and efficiency on mixed-use jobsites in a recent article for Construction Executive.

According to FMI, U.S. construction spending for all sectors is projected to increase incrementally to $1.46 trillion in 2022. One of the key building trends driving this growth is the development of mixed-use buildings.

Rapid growth and lack of space in urban areas has reinvigorated the need for mixed-use buildings, which combine residences, offices and shops into single, high-rise buildings. Mixed-use buildings not only maximize precious space, but also provide city-dwellers with neighborhoods that integrate work, home, shopping and open outdoor space. Their appeal will only continue to grow as people become more focused on reducing car emissions and increasing sustainability, while enjoying greater convenience and work-life balance.

Despite the benefits, construction in mixed-use buildings can pose a number of challenges for workers and the public alike. For new builds, it’s critical that contractors complete the project within the contractual timeframe to enable building owners to begin leasing the space by their deadlines. Because of that, any delays in the schedule can be costly. 

At the same time that project teams have to focus on completing projects on time, they must also comply with local regulations, minimizing risk and ensuring the safety of workers and the general public.

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