News Round-Up: Travelers, Gilbane and Triax Technologies

In October, Travelers, Gilbane and Triax announced a partnership to review data collected from a variety of Spot-r IoT devices, including those being used at a 60,000-square-foot, six-floor Gilbane construction site in New York City over 20 months. Below we round-up news coverage of the announcement:

Tracking Construction Worker Safety a Group Effort via Claims Journal

“If there’s an unsafe work condition and you’re injured, you push that button and folks know where you are and they get an alert on their cell phone and can get to you quickly,” said Pete Schermerhorn, president and CEO of Conn.-based Triax Technologies.

Test Looks at the Benefits of Wearables for Construction Safety via Builder

Travelers, CT tech company test safety benefits of wearable devices via Hartford Business Journal

Digital Deals abound with integrations, new products and 3D printing breakthroughs via Construction Dive

Can wearable devices make construction sites safer? via ZDNet

How Insurtech Is Becoming an Industry-Wide Solution to Some of the Toughest Risks via Risk & Insurance

In addition, Business Insurance Magazine covered Travelers, Gilbane and Triax’s speaking session at the 2018 IRMI Construction Risk Conference:

“What we are interested in is trying to find a way to establish efficiencies, bring technology to the table that from a cost model standpoint will be effective for us, and at the same time operations can create a more lean environment for the things that they are trying to do, and most importantly help create the safest project site that we can provide for workers,” Mr. Naber said.

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News Round-Up: Travelers, Gilbane and Triax Technologies