Forbes Tech Council Round-Up Featuring Triax’s Chief Technology Officer

In addition to being Chief Technology Officer at Triax Technologies, Justin Morgenthau is also a proud member of the Forbes Tech Council. Check out his thoughts on bringing tech to one of the least digitized industry and what the jobsite of 2030 will look like.

Digitizing The Construction Industry Requires A View From The Field

12 Ways To Keep IoT Projects On Track: “You need an IoT roadmap that includes quantifiable goals/objectives and a formal process for providing/reviewing feedback. Appoint a project-specific IoT champion who continuously measures progress and holds everyone in the organization accountable.

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Job Site 2030: Building The Job Site Of The Future

As a comparison, 12 years ago, Google had just purchased the startup known as YouTube, Facebook had just been made available to the public and there was no such thing as an iPhone — three fundamental technologies that have transformed our personal and professional lives. By 2030, the construction site will have experienced a similar leap in technology, recognizable still but overall safer, smarter and faster. 

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Forbes Tech Council Round-Up Featuring Triax’s Chief Technology Officer