Spot-r by Triax in Engineering News-Record

Thrilled to see Spot-r by Triax in the November 7/14 issue of Engineering News-Record. Read highlights from the article below and watch our system in action here.

“Belt Clip Tracks Workers, Logs Safety Incidents to the Cloud” by Jeff Rubenstone

Managing jobsites with dozens or hundreds of workers can be a headache for site supervisors, and getting workers to report every small injury or safety incident is a challenge for safety managers. To meet this need, Triax Technologies, Norwalk, Conn., has launched Spot-R, a small, belt-mounted sensor that automates safety reporting on the jobsite.

A construction worker wears the discreet sensor unit on a belt clip, and a wireless system tracks their movements and logs their activity data, similar to popular fitness-tracking wearable devices. But the Spot-R is able to track more than jogging, using an accelerometer, gyroscope and altimeter to instantly recognize when and where a worker has fallen or stumbled.

“We look at a combination of data coming off all those sensors to re-create a trip-and-fall,” says Chad Hollingsworth, cofounder of Triax. “We can tell how high they fell from, what direction and how hard they landed.”


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Spot-r by Triax in Engineering News-Record