Triax Appoints New CEO

Triax Technologies appoints new CEO; tackles new industries in 2022

As 2021 drew to a close, we started a hunt for a new CEO to help take Triax to the next stage of development. After a long search with many great candidates, we’ve had the good fortune to bring James Franklin as the new Chief Executive Officer for Triax Technologies.

He brings a background of more than 20 years in technology leadership with market leaders, such as Oracle, HP, and Accenture, and has relevant experience in a number of fields that touch where Triax has been a market leader, and also where we’re looking to grow in the next few years to come.

His success with wearable solutions at Omnilink, where he started and led their commercial Location Based Services business, is well aligned with our products and innovations. And just coming off the successful acquisitions and mergers of SpaceIQ and iOFFICE (workplace software solutions) by ThomaBravo, his experiences are tailor made to take Triax Technologies to the next level.

He’s already met the whole company at our Monday all-hands and he had a few very encouraging things to say on the call.

“Triax Technologies has been the market leader in worker safety wearables for construction for years, and is quickly becoming the same for the industrial, health and entertainment sectors,” said Franklin.

“I’m thrilled to be joining you now at this critical juncture. The founders, the execs, and every single one of you have accomplished incredible things, and I’m eager to build on those successes. Triax will make thousands of new sites safer and more productive in 2022, and it’s because of all our hard work that we’ll reduce injury, sickness, and worse all over North America.”

“With a well-established client base in the construction industry, we have been accelerating our business momentum in recent years. After adding many new industrial verticals – including energy, mining, and manufacturing – we’ve sold worker safety wearables and software to Fortune 100 companies, scrappy startups, and everything in between.

“2022 has the potential to be the best year the company’s ever seen, and you’re the right team to make it happen. Let’s get started.”

Triax Appoints New CEO