Triax Technologies Automates Evacuation and Muster Protocols

Industrial plants have reported a reduction in time to safety of more than 70% to comply with OSHA safety audit requirements.

June 7, 2023, Norwalk, CT: Triax Technologies (Triax), a leading provider of industrial internet of things (IIoT) and connected worker software, recently released product functionality that empowers automated muster reporting.

A successful rollout of the platform at an independent energy company facility in North America saw a reduction in time to safety of more than 70%. Leveraging the technology, the operational teams identified muster points that needed to be moved, and which individuals needed better training on how to execute evacuation procedures. The need for employees to run manual rosters with clipboards and walkie talkies was eliminated.

“This release is a game changer for large industrial and construction sites,” said Ian Ouellette, Head of Data Science and Research for Triax. “Within a matter of minutes, sites can muster employees and know exactly where everyone is on site. In the event of an emergency, this equips first responders with the critical life-saving information they need to prevent fatal outcomes in the event of an accident. Going from over 30 minutes down to seven is incredible. This will save lives.”

Triax continues to advance safety for industrial sites with its latest release. The solution automates the evacuation and muster process as part of the company’s mission to deliver people-centric technology solutions that allow industrial sites to be both safer and more productive.

This sitewide evacuation and muster system is deployable through the Spot-r® dashboard, which signals workers to move to their muster point. Once activated, individual wearables – worn by workers while on site – track movement to individual muster points. Muster points are digitally synced, giving managers an instant and complete view of who is safe and who is potentially still in danger. Managers can track real-time headcounts from any smart device to locate workers by floor and zone. The weatherproof, dust-proof and water-resistant wearables can be used indoors or outdoors.

The solution is designed to enhance an organization’s existing evacuation protocols, providing increased visibility and communication sitewide throughout the process. “In the event of an emergency, every second is critical,” explained Anthony Butler, Head of Product for Triax. “Emergency response workers need to know the exact location of those not accounted for as safe so that they can prioritize their rescue effort. It’s an exciting moment for us as our clients amp up the effectiveness of their evacuation and muster protocols by leveraging our solutions.”

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) stipulates that employers provide a compliant alarm system and maintain procedures to account for all employees in the event of an emergency evacuation. Site managers contend with many obstacles when attempting to carry out swift evacuation and muster protocols, including the sheer size of most job sites, a high volume of contract workers, noise levels, difficulty maintaining clear communications across a diverse workforce and more. Without an automation solution, many sites risk finishing their count too late in an emergency setting to make necessary safety interventions.

To learn more about how Triax can help you amplify safety and productivity across your worksite, download the latest case study here.

About Triax Technologies
Triax Technologies is committed to delivering innovative, people-centric solutions that enable our clients to be safer and more productive.

Asset-intensive organizations that hire and manage a large, combined workforce of contractors and employees often lack true visibility at the work level. The absence of actionable data can lead to bottlenecks, budget overages, extended project timelines, increased worker safety incidents and a decline in workforce productivity.

Triax Technologies helps connect workers and physical assets to provide business leaders with decision-grade data. Our platform empowers visibility into productivity metrics, safety compliance and equipment management.

The Spot-r® suite is a comprehensive solution that offers a proprietary blend of devices (including wearable technology and AI enabled cameras), networks, applications, and insights to gather and synthesize hard to capture field data in real time.

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Maggie Williams Dryden
Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer Triax Technologies

Triax Technologies Automates Evacuation and Muster Protocols