Triax Technologies Launches Access Control, Takes Jobsite Visibility, Safety, Control to Next Level

New Offering Protects Perimeter, Increases Real-Time Construction Site Security, Reduces Risk

NORWALK, Conn., June 3, 2019 – Triax Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of technology for the connected jobsite, today announced that it has added new access control capabilities to its Spot-r platform, providing advanced perimeter visibility to increase construction site safety and security and reduce contractors’ general liability risk. With the new Spot-r offering, for the first time contractors have real-time, end-to-end visibility into worker location, safety events and activities in one solution – from the moment they enter and work throughout the jobsite, until the time they leave.

A key component of the access control system includes the Spot-r Clip, which now provides a multipurpose credential for workers on the jobsite, replacing RFID tags and badges for easy site entry and identification. These Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that attach to workers’ belts are synched to a worker profile in the Spot-r dashboard where supervisors can manage worker certifications to ensure compliance with regulations, providing a higher level of control over who is and isn’t permitted to access a jobsite.

“Ensuring that only authorized people are on the jobsite is not only critical for security and safety but also for compliance,” said Pete Schermerhorn, president and CEO, Triax Technologies.  “For example, New York contractors need to ensure that workers have OSHA 30 training to comply with Local Law 196 or face stiff fines. The Spot-r Clip gives construction managers this certification information as soon as workers enter the site. It also helps to maintain security when work is taking place in public settings, like hospitals, schools, classified sites and other locations where day-to-day activities are in progress. By integrating access control with Triax’s proprietary network and wearable clip, contractors can not only control site entry and exit, but also monitor worker locations, providing peace of mind in these sensitive and secure environments.”

“Site safety and security are critical to our operations,” said Nick Lettire, president and CEO, Lettire Construction. “Spot-r access control addresses both of these obligations, providing us with exactly what we need: one device that controls access as well as monitors the location and safety of workers onsite.”

In addition to site entry and certification visibility, Spot-r offers an end-to-end platform with real-time safety notifications, fall detection, evacuation alarms and equipment tracking and utilization. With remote visibility, Spot-r is changing the way contractors manage resources, safety and risk across their project portfolios. With the ability to detect worker falls and communicate safety issues in real-time, construction companies are improving injury response times by 91 percent, reducing the time it takes to evacuate jobsites by 72 percent, and helping safety leaders account for real-time worker location during an evacuation.

Spot-r with access control is an optional, turnkey solution, providing the physical turnstiles as well as software, readers, Spot-r Clips and onsite services to setup Spot-r’s proprietary network and customize worker profiles. Spot-r Clips, which are rechargeable and have a battery life of four to six months, can be re-assigned to different workers as needed.

Triax Technologies Launches Access Control, Takes Jobsite Visibility, Safety, Control to Next Level