Triax Technologies Launches IoT-Based Wearable System to Increase Safety, Visibility in Construction

First-of-its-Kind Connected Worksite Solution Provides Alerts, Data-Driven Insight to Mitigate Risk, Improve Operations

NORWALK, Conn., May 23, 2017 – Triax Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of wearable technology for construction site connectivity, today launched its new Spot-r networked technology, providing realtime, data-driven visibility into the challenging construction site environment. This unprecedented Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled technology makes the digitally connected construction worksite possible for the first time. It helps to improve worker safety and reduce incident response times, while enabling general contractors to better manage projects and labor productivity.

Spot-r’s lightweight wearable sensor alerts safety personnel to slip, trip and fall incidents in real time so workers can receive aid faster, and logs key data for insurers on when and where incidents occur. Additionally, in the complex construction site environment, with multiple subcontractors and trades, Spot-r’s mobile dashboard provides visibility into worker location and site operations.

“Construction companies are embracing technology solutions to address the complex issues they are facing,” said Chad Hollingsworth, co-founder and president, Triax Technologies. “For the first time, Spot-r arms the construction industry with practical, actionable data for improving safety and productivity. The construction firms that have installed Spot-r are saving valuable time, which previously has been spent accounting for workers, while gaining real-time visibility into safety issues,” Hollingsworth added.

“Creating and maintaining the right environment on site is essential to any construction company’s success. For Turner, that begins with a collective commitment to return each worker home safely at the end of the day,” said Kevin King, vice president of Risk Management at Turner Construction. “The Spot-r system is helping us stay ahead of the safety curve, enabling us to identify where folks are in times of crisis, while also helping us improve productivity and efficiency.”

Spot-r operates on a closed mesh network that cuts through steel and concrete and automatically clocks workers on the jobsite. It includes low-footprint network hardware that is installed and maintained by Triax technicians; and wearable sensors that clip onto a worker’s belt, enabling them to receive and send safety alerts in real-time. The wearable system also has a one-year battery-life without charging. Aggregate historical hours enable companies to leverage data to increase productivity, estimate future project timeframes and anticipate the number of workers required for more accurate bids.


About Triax Technologies

Founded in 2012 and based in Norwalk, Conn., Triax Technologies, Inc. develops and delivers wearable IoT technology for construction site connectivity. Its first-of-its-kind Spot-r wearable technology provides real-time visibility into the worksite, resulting in faster response to injuries, improved safety performance and increased productivity. Spot-r is currently being used by some of the largest construction firms in the industry. More information can be found at:

Triax Technologies Launches IoT-Based Wearable System to Increase Safety, Visibility in Construction