Triax’s Spot-r system Recognized as One of Top 25 Construction Applications Transforming Businesses

In this article from CIO Applications, Triax Technologies is recognized as a company that helps construction clients build competitive advantage and transform their business. To view the complete list, read the article

Technology advancements have catalyzed the growth and transformation of the construction industry. Adoption of AutoCAD, 3D printing, drones, self-driven vehicles, IoT, and augmented reality is influencing every activity in the construction space, starting from research and development and production to marketing and supply chain along with after-sales support. In addition, the introduction of building information modeling (BIM) has resulted in higher productivity and revenue. In a recent industry report, Research and Markets had predicted the construction industry to grow by $10.5 trillion in terms of revenue by 2023. With this pace of advancement, the need to connect both the virtual and physical worlds together has become almost inevitable. Such convergence will empower businesses in better decision-making with the aid of foolproof insights.

Disruptive and innovative construction technologies have enabled firms to leverage automation in order to drive higher efficiency and shorten project durations. As artificial intelligence, AR, and virtual reality enabled devices continue to redefine construction workflows with capabilities like hands-free document handling as well as remote access of site images, construction firms are looking for solution providers that effectively meet their needs.

With that in mind, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, analysts, and CIO Applications’ editorial board has selected the top 25 companies offering tailor-made and efficient solutions for the construction industry. The featured companies offer robust solutions coupled with innovative strategies that can help businesses succeed.

We present to you CIO Applications’ “Top 25 Construction Applications Transforming Businesses – 2018.”

Triax Technologies, Inc.

Automated Workforce, Equipment and Safety Monitoring for Construction

A construction site, with all its sophisticated equipment, is still one of the most chaotic and manual work environments; workers rely on paper and pen for many essential tasks like time and attendance, which leads to inefficient labor productivity and lagging information. In addition, achieving reliable connectivity on the jobsite—and the visibility that comes with it—is often plagued by inadequate power supply or impractical solutions for the construction industry. “Our proprietary mesh network serves as the backbone for construction sites, paving the way for powerful data sets on workers, equipment, and the physical site environment. This leads to a more effective, cost-efficient and data-driven work environment and project management,” emphasizes Chad Hollingsworth, Co-founder and CEO of Triax Technologies. The company deploys its mesh Spot-r network hardware at commercial construction sites, which establishes a localized field of communication that collects real-time data on workers and equipment wearing Spot-r devices and working within that specifically defined area.

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Triax’s Spot-r system Recognized as One of Top 25 Construction Applications Transforming Businesses