Unlocking efficiency and safety with Spot-r by Triax

In May 2018, Triax Technologies was named one of Construction Executive’s Top 25 Companies Making Projects More Productive and Profitable. Access the full article PDF from the May 2018 issue here.

Real-time workforce and equipment location, activity and safety data for streamlined project management and execution.

Labor productivity growth in construction has averaged on 1 percent annually, compared with 2.8 percent for the global economy. Part of that can be attributed to industry’s slow adoption of technology. It’s estimated that workers only spend 30 percent of their day on value-add tasks, meaning the remainder is spent tracking down information, compiling paper reports and entering data. For example, the inability for supervisors to know where workers and resources are located onsite results in substantial inefficiencies, not to mention increased safety and operational risks.

Spot-r, from Triax Technologies, was developed to tackle construction’s unique productivity and safety challenges. Combining a proprietary, scalable network with compact sensors worn by workers or tagged onto equipment, and a cloud-based dashboard, Spot-r provides comprehensive visibility into what’s happening on site. With previously untapped field data, lagging indicators turn into leading, real-time ones that can be used to stay on top of workflows and ahead of potential incidents, saving time and money.

The full article is available here.

Unlocking efficiency and safety with Spot-r by Triax