Spot-r Access

Spot-r Access is a total labor management solution that keeps your worksite secure while automating daily reporting and project tracking.

By managing the check-in/check-out process for your workforce, tracking worker certifications, and regulating access to your worksite or facility, Spot-r provides a higher level of accountability for anyone accessing your site and ensures those who lack proper credentials are prevented from doing so.

While Spot-r Access fully integrates with the Spot-r Mesh solution on site, the reader within the turnstile was designed to operate independently from the Spot-r network for clients opting for stand-alone access control — a great first step in your digital transformation journey.

Integrating a Turnstile

Spot-r Access can work with most standard, full-height turnstiles, including MAC Lite by MSSI setups and larger MAC turnstile units. For clients utilizing Spot-r Mesh, the Spot-r Clip can be used to unlock the turnstile, otherwise RFID cards can be supplied.

MAC LITE Partnership by MSSI

Triax’s partnership with MSSI MAC includes:

  • Installation of Spot-r Access at MAC’s manufacturing facility
  • Delivery of a turnkey, Spot-r Mesh-enabled, modular turnstile
  • Patented perimeter security solution

Get practical security for your job site – a total labor management solution that automates daily reporting by managing the check in/check out process while tracking worker certifications and regulating site access.

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