Spot-r EvacTag®

The Solution for Your

Emergency Evacuation Plan 

Elevate Your Emergency Preparedness with Sitewide Evacuation and Muster System

The Spot-r EvacTag augments current evacuation procedures with 100-decibel, flashing alarms mounted throughout your site.

In a situation that requires an evacuation, supervisors can use the Spot-r dashboard to enable the evacuation alarms—on both the EvacTags and Spot-r Clips—and upon hearing and/or seeing the alert, workers are trained to proceed to their muster point. The Spot-r Clip and dashboard enable supervisors to identify real-time worker location and monitor evacuation progress, reducing evacuation times by up to 72%. Additionally, with the Spot-r POI Tag you can enable a check-in beacon at your muster point(s) to account for your evacuated workforce.

Spot-r EvacTag At-a-Glance

  • 100-decibel alarm
  • Emergency LED lighting (activated during an evacuation)
  • Battery operated (no external power source required)
  • Weather-proof, dust-proof, water-resistant
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Easily mounts to a variety of surfaces
  • Plug-and-play

Have Confidence in Your Emergency Evacuation Plan with Spot-r EvacTag

The Spot-r EquipTag monitors real-time equipment location, operator identity, and utilization indoors and outdoors within the Spot-r network, overcoming the limitations of traditional telematics solutions, helping you better manage your assets.

The rechargeable device works with the Spot-r Clip to detect and record workers in proximity of tagged equipment in the Spot-r network and references worker certification information maintained in the dashboard to send unknown or unauthorized operator notifications. Receive alerts when certifications are due to expire so you can ensure your workforce is up to date with their training and non-certified workers aren’t operating your machinery. Aggregate data derives operational history, such as active versus idle time within specific zones, and hours logged by worker, trade, subcontractor, or group.

Spot-r EquipTag At-A-Glance

  • Real-time equipment location—indoors and outdoors—by floor and zone
  • Historical and on-going utilization data
  • Unauthorized and unknown equipment operator alerts
  • Easy mounting to any piece of equipment
  • No installation required
  • Extended battery life; months between recharging
  • Class I Division I Intrinsic Safety Rating

Have Confidence in Your Evacuation Process with Spot-r EvacTag

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