Spot-r Mesh

Achieve total worksite visibility in real-time with our flagship IoT platform.

Real-time visibility, safety and efficiency optimization for the world’s most complex worksites.

The powerful Spot-r Mesh IoT platform delivers comprehensive insights and zone-based real-time location services (RTLS) to help improve worker safety, boost productivity, automate reporting and timekeeping, and optimize operations. 

Spot-r Mesh At-a-Glance

  • Comprehensive real-time insights to help complex worksites run safely and efficiently
  • Built to handle the biggest, most-complex worksites 
  • No dependency on client Wi-Fi, GPS, or existing IT infrastructure
  • No offsite location data – we respect worker privacy 
  • Dedicated Triax site teams provide timely assistance every step of the way
  • Rechargeable battery – months of use between charges
  • Intrinsic Safety rated
  • UL certified
  • IP 66/67 rated

Digital transformation that works for you.

Spot-r Mesh eliminates the pain points of collecting real-time data in the field. There’s no need to input information manually or work with siloed data across systems. Spot-r Mesh automatically collects and transmits data to your billing, project management, and contractor management systems. It’s easier than ever to identify opportunities for improvement and optimize processes that impact your entire business. 

Built for the toughest industries and work environments.

All Spot-r devices are available in Intrinsic Safety rated variants for operation in the most hazardous environments. Our network architecture works reliably in challenging conditions, including remote or confined worksites.

Enhance worker safety and security in real-time.

Spot-r Mesh has helped our customers reduce injury response times by 91% and site evacuation and muster times by 72%. Spot-r Mesh makes it easier than ever to monitor and manage worker activity in restricted and hazardous areas and conduct remote safety check-ins. Workers can alert supervisors to injuries or hazardous situations at the push of a button, and the Spot-r cloud dashboard helps you stay on top of worker labor risk indicators and behavior analytics.

Spot-r Mesh was created to solve the biggest challenges for our customers in the following industries:  

  • Construction
  • Energy & Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining 
  • Oil & Gas
  • And more…

Spot-r Mesh Supported Use Cases

Real-time Safety
and Security

  • Access control, rules-based site credentialing, and remote safety check-ins
  • Smart evacuation and muster technology
  • Real-time, push-button alerts that can be initiated by workers 
  • Supervision and labor ratio insights
  • Worker risk KPIs and behavior analytics

Labor Management &
Workforce Efficiency

  • Real-time worksite location visibility for workers, equipment, and assets
  • Automated time/attendance and labor billing verification
  • Subcontractor and crew productivity scoring
  • Worker certification and compliance management

Static and Mobile Asset

  • Operator tool time data and certification validation
  • Hazardous/restricted area alerting and monitoring
  • Worksite bottleneck identification
  • Equipment fleet optimization

Your digital transformation begins here:
Introducing Spot-r Radius from Triax.

Spot-r Mesh is an incredibly powerful IoT solution for larger and more-complex worksites. However, many organizations do not require access to real-time data. They are looking for a simpler, self-installable IoT solution that will enhance worker safety, automate data collection in the field, and help optimize worksite efficiency.

The new Spot-r Radius delivers on all those fronts, making it the perfect entry point for your digital transformation journey. Our streamlined beacon-based system is easy enough to install by yourself, yet it provides cutting-edge capabilities. Learn how Spot-r Radius can boost worker safety, automate time-consuming tasks, and optimize your worksite operations on our Spot-r Radius product page