Spot-r POI Tag – Points of Interest

Similar to the Spot-r EquipTag, POI Tags are beacons mounted to static locations that remain stationary and monitor Spot-r Clips that come within range of specific points of interest.

They are primarily placed in finished, occupied, or confined spaces and have a multitude of safety, security, and efficiency benefits. While our project zones provide general worker location, POIs offer more granular worker location data than typical zones. Notifications can be set to alert supervisors when workers come within range of the POI. Alternatively, you can authorize certain workers for those specific areas if you don’t need to receive notifications for everyone.

Recommended applications for Point of Interest Alerts include:

  • Restricted area monitoring
  • Active, occupied sites, such as hospitals or schools
  • Lone worker check-in stations
  • High volume traffic areas
  • Productive vs. unproductive areas
  • Worksite bottlenecks, including laydown yards and lifts
  • Confined spaces
  • Shared workstations

Make Your Site More Efficient and Secure – Identify When Workers Enter Designated Areas

Make Your Site More Efficient and Secure – Identify When Workers Enter Designated Areas

Use Cases

Window Cradle Station Fleet

  • Site has 24 window washing stations for caulking
  • Subcontractors claiming there were no open stations
  • Introduced Point of Interest to identify open stations in real-time, improving caulking rates by 35%

Hoist Wait Times

  • POI statically mounted where workers are waiting for hoists
  • Measure amount of time workers are idly spending in line for hoists to optimize the number of hoists you have
  • Identify critical path labor or material bottlenecks at hoists to stay on schedule

Unauthorized Access at K-12 School

  • Active private school renovation
  • 7 areas of access between the site and school affixed with POI
  • Superintendent receives real-time notifications when worker enters one of the above access areas

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