Spot-r Radius

A streamlined IoT solution for worker safety, automated data collection in the field, and optimizing worksite efficiency.

Simple set-up, complex capabilities.

Spot-r Radius provides timely safety alerts to workers, monitors equipment usage and time on tool, and creates daily analytics reports for companies at the early stages of their digital transformation.

Real-time, high-resolution data visibility isn’t necessary for every worksite. Spot-r Radius limits its real-time capabilities to proactive, real-time safety alerts, with data-rich analytics available at the end of each day.

Spot-r Radius At-a-Glance

  • Designed for easy self-installation 
  • Automated daily reporting of headcount and hours
  • Worker-to-worker, worker-to-location, and worker-to-equipment alerts and interaction logs
  • Proactive worker safety alerts
  • No dependency on client Wi-Fi or existing IT infrastructure 
  • No GPS or location tracking
  • Wearables can be clipped to a shirt or safety vest or affixed to a hardhat
  • Asset tags can be assigned to static or mobile assets, as well as areas of interest
  • Rechargeable battery — months of use between charges
  • Intrinsic Safety rated
  • UL certified
  • IP 66/67 rated

Digital transformation doesn’t need to be difficult.

Spot-r Radius can be installed by yourself without the need for an IT team, yet it provides cutting-edge capabilities. It delivers the proactive alerts and data analysis you need to transform your operations without complex installation, maintenance, or IT requirements.

Built for the toughest industries and work environments.

All Spot-r devices are available in Intrinsic Safety rated variants for operation in the most hazardous environments. Our network architecture works reliably in challenging conditions, including remote or confined worksites.

Boost worker safety in a multitude of ways.

With Spot-r Radius, workers receive proactive, real-time alerts on their wearable devices when they’re entering restricted or hazardous areas. Worker-to-worker alerts also help enforce social-distancing rules.

Spot-r Radius was developed to address key needs for our customers in the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Energy & Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining 
  • And more…

How It Works

  • Spot-r Radius gateways are placed in high-traffic areas, points of interest, and entrances/exits. 
  • Workers are issued Spot-r wearables to be affixed to their hardhat or worn on the body. 
  • Spot-r wearables emit audible/visual alerts to notify workers of restricted or hazardous areas.
  • All worker-to-worker and worker-to-asset interactions are logged for contact tracing, productivity scoring, bottleneck identification and job hazard analysis
  • Worker-to-worker proximity alerts help address social distancing concerns.
  • Close worker interactions and durations are recorded to accelerate contact tracing. 
  • Spot-r tags can be affixed to equipment for usage monitoring and enforcing operator rules.
  • Beacons transmit data to the cloud at the end of each day, creating daily reports with ease. 

Spot-r Radius System Details

Spot-r Wearables and Asset Tags

  • Real-time audible and visual safety and social distancing alerts
  • Log worker interactions for contact tracing, productivity scoring, labor risk analysis and behavioral KPIs 
  • Designed to identify inefficiencies in aggregate, not to single workers out
  • Can be assigned/reassigned to workers, equipment, static/mobile assets, and areas of interest 
  • Rechargeable battery with multiple months of life between charges 
  • Intrinsic Safety rated variants for operation in the most hazardous environments
  • We respect the privacy of all personnel. No GPS or location tracking, on or off-site

Lightweight Network

  • Designed for simple self-installation and exceptional reliability
  • Log worker headcount and attendance automatically via first check-in
  • Gateways are placed at all entrances/exits and high traffic areas for daily data uploads
  • Transmits data to cloud daily for next-day reporting

Tag Alerts

  • Worker-to-worker, worker-to-location, and worker-to-equipment-based alerts
  • Can be configured for specific areas, social distancing, equipment usage, and asset monitoring
  • Real-time audible alerts and flashing LEDs when designated interactions occur
  • Alarm can be silenced or temporarily disabled with a button push

Cloud Dashboard and Data

  • Access safety, attendance, and productivity data from any device at any time
  • View headcount and attendance via daily onsite reporting
  • Worker-to-worker and worker-to-asset interaction and duration reporting
  • Manage worker profiles and device health
  • Use preconfigured integration options with project-management platforms
  • Integrate third-party hardware and software via Spot-r’s open API

Need total worksite visibility in real-time?
Meet Spot-r Mesh from Triax

Spot-r Radius is designed for self-installation, proactive safety alerts, and easy automation. Triax’s flagship Spot-r Mesh is an even more powerful IoT solution for larger and more-complex worksites.

Spot-r Mesh delivers comprehensive real-time insights that help complex worksites run safely, efficiently, and smarter than ever before. If you need deeper real-time visibility for complex worksites – and robust network capabilities that can support tens of thousands of connected devices on sites measuring thousands of acres – visit our Spot-r Mesh product overview page.