What is spot-r

Our networked devices provide total jobsite visibility, identifying worker and equipment location, utilization and interaction while keeping you informed of safety incidents as they occur.




Know who's on your jobsite, where they are and how long they've been there

Complete Visibility Into Your Construction Workforce

One of the biggest challenges in today’s construction environment is the inability to quickly and accurately determine how many workers are on a construction site and where they’re located. Today’s manual headcounts and timecard maintenance represent substantial inefficiencies and administrative burdens. Spot-r’s intuitive safety wearable device automatically connects workers to the network, providing real-time count and location of everyone on-site without having to spend valuable time doing visual checks.

Support a Safety-First Culture

Our advanced wearable technology devices are designed to identify and measure slips, trips and falls and to alert site supervisors to incidents as they happen, enabling quicker response time to injuries and improving the overall construction site safety culture. Our unique self-alert button gives workers the ability to instantly report site hazards, incidents or potential injuries. And in the case of an emergency, authorized personnel can trigger site-wide evacuation alerts emitted by the device.

Self-alert button to report hazards
6-month battery life, rechargeable
Made in the USA
Waterproof and impact resistant
Best-in-class data encryption and privacy standards

We're powering the connected jobsite

Designed to work in challenging IT environments, Spot-r scales with a project's evolving layout to connect vast construction zones and multi-story buildings, while powering through tough materials with minimal hardware needs.

Triax technicians install a proprietary mesh network on your site and actively monitor your location to keep you connected, while preventing power loss or data disruptions. Our secure, non-GPS network connects only worksite zones where workers are active, maximizing safety on-site and protecting worker privacy off-site.

Total worksite visibility without having to be physically present at each project

Spot-r’s cloud-based dashboard enables on-site supervisors and off-site management to see and analyze construction operations in real-time. Aggregated Spot-r safety and productivity data can be filtered and analyzed by individual worker, subcontractor, trade, accident type or geographic location. Data and custom reports are available to anyone with access to the dashboard and can be automatically sent to key stakeholders. All labor and safety data collected can easily integrate into your back-end project management system for one seamless, automated process.

Total Workers (11)

Ground Level - West (6)
  • Abel J.
  • Andrew G.
  • Bautista T.
  • Bob P.
  • Brendan M.
  • Carlos A.
Ground Level - East (5)
  • Ali J.
  • Daniel M.
  • Erica M.
  • Garcia B.
  • Jose T.


Ground Level - East


Ground Level - West

Using Our System:
The Spot-r Advantage

Low maintenance

Triax technicians install and maintain network hardware on your project site.


Each worker is assigned a unique Spot-r Clp at the beginning of the project to wear on their belt.


Safety incidents are automatically captured and transmitted to site superintendents.


Mobile dashboard can be locally or remotely accessed to provide real-time headcount, location information and safety incident notifications.


Upon exiting the jobsite, the Spot-r Clip disconnects from the network and the worker is clocked out.

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