Spot-r Clip

WORKER HEADCOUNTS, location, and safety at any point in time

The Spot-r Clip, our flagship wearable device, automatically connects to the Spot-r network when workers arrive on site, automating headcount procedures and identifying the location of your workforce at any point in time. The device records slips, trips, or falls at the jobsite and sends immediate email or text message alerts to designated supervisors, including who, where, what, and distance of fall. By pushing the button at the bottom of the Clip, workers have a direct channel to report an issue, hazard, or other injury to supervisors – without having to leave their work zone. And in situations that require evacuation to the muster point, authorized personnel can trigger alarms emitted by each worker’s device, helping to streamline current evacuation procedures. Learn why JBKnowledge called Spot-r the "preferred sensor of 2017" here.

No daily maintenance
Rechargeable battery
Worker push-button

Spot-r EquipTag

REAL-TIME EQUIPMENT location, operation, and utilization

The Spot-r EquipTag easily adheres to nearly any piece of equipment – large or small – to provide real-time location, operator identity, and utilization data. The rechargeable device works in conjunction with the Spot-r Clip to detect and record workers in proximity of tagged equipment and whether they are certified to operate it. In the case of an unknown or unauthorized operator, the system sends automatic alerts to designated supervisors. Aggregate data derives operational history, such as active versus idle time within specific zones, and hours logged by worker, trade, or subcontractor. And unlike traditional telematics solutions, our equipment sensors can be used indoors, outdoors, and in areas without clear line of sight to the sky.

Tracks indoors and outdoors
Equipment utilization data
Automated operator certification checks

Spot-r EvacTag


The Spot-r EvacTag, installed around the jobsite, augments current evacuation procedures with a high-volume alarm and emergency LED lighting. In the case of a situation that requires an evacuation, supervisors can trigger an alert via the Spot-r dashboard, and upon hearing or seeing the alert, workers can proceed to their muster point. Spot-r’s building and elevation view enables supervisors to monitor real-time worker headcounts and location, helping to streamline evacuation procedures. Read how it helped Lettire Construction cut down evacuation drill time by 72% here.

High-decibel alarm
Powerful visual alerts
Mounts to any surface

Total Jobsite Visibility Begins with Spot-r

Spot-r’s proprietary network scales with your project to power through tough materials and connect multi-story buildings, without adding technical complexity or administrative burden. Triax handles site logistics, mapping and installing network hardware to connect only those areas where workers and equipment are active. Designed to maximize visibility on-site and protect worker privacy off-site, our plug-and-play solution is monitored by dedicated account managers to ensure connectivity and prevent data disruption.

Together, the Spot-r network, hardware, and cloud dashboard turns aggregate workforce, equipment and safety data into actionable insights to keep projects moving forward.

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