How It Works

Networked sensors provide total visibility to worksite activity, location and safety incidents in real-time

Robust digital platform combines secure mesh network with wearable sensors for unprecedented worksite location and communication capabilities.

Spot-r wireless mesh network pods provide geo-fenced worksite coverage of varying size, scale and complexity.

Secure network only connects work zones where workers are active, maximizing worker safety on-site and protecting privacy off-site.

Spot-r by Triax scales with a project’s evolving layout to handle multiple stories.

Spot-r mesh network pods can be deployed on jobs of various size, scale and complexity. Our proprietary communication protocol provides optimal range and penetration of concrete and steel with minimal network infrastructure.

Intuitive, lightweight wearable sensor automatically connects workers to the closed mesh network when on-site.

Inclusion of workers in safety culture drives meaningful change on site. Spot-r self-alert button gives workers the ability to instantly report site hazards, incidents or potential injuries. Safety supervisors can trigger site-wide Audible Evacuation Alerts emitted by the sensor, in case of an emergency situation that requires worker evacuation to muster zones.

Off Site
On Site

Automatic badge-in and -out provides real-time count and location of workers on-site.

Inability to quickly and accurately determine how many workers are on a job site and where they are located represents a substantial inefficiency and administrative burden. Automatic check-in and -out frees up supervisors’ time spent conducting manual headcounts and visual checks to focus on project safety and progress.

Cloud-based system delivers powerful remote or local worksite analysis and insights.

Real-time Safety Incident Alerts

Slip, trip, and fall text or email notifications allow for quicker response to worker injuries

Auto Check-in / Out

Labor costs can contribute up to 40% of total project costs, requiring construction managers to have complete confidence in the source of these costs

On-going & Historical Project Analysis

Activity and incident data automatically transmitted to supervisors via cloud-based dashboard feeds

Audible Evacuation Alert

Provides real-time, audible notification to workers from site superintendent in case of emergency that requires immediate evacuation

Best-in-Class Data Security

Industry best-practices, intuitive equipment technology and advanced cloud- based security to safeguard project safety data and worker privacy

Spot-r custom reports ensure a work site is properly staffed and safely & efficiently operated throughout project duration.

Current project analysis methods are limited because it's either too hard to compile and analyze data or assessments are constrained within outdated legacy systems. Aggregated spot-r safety and productivity data can be filtered by individual worker, trade, subcontractor, or geographic location.


Until construction companies make a deliberate effort to move towards digital workflows and the resulting bi-directional information sharing, much of the information collected will remain in ‘carbon lockers’ unavailable for practical analysis.

JB Knowledge 2016 Construction Technology Report

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