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Triax provides hard-to-capture productivity data and delivers it in an actionable format to empower better business decisions. Our labor productivity and equipment tracking solutions are saving millions of dollars per event for our clients. Find out what the savings could look like for your organization.


What we do

Triax is committed to delivering innovative, people-centric solutions that enable industrial sites to be safer and more productive

60% Decrease in workplace injury claims

10% Increase in time on tool

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Real ROI

Triax clients successfully tackle these problems and gain big ROI for their turnarounds

Labor Productivity

A Fortune 500 oil refiner brings in large contract labor forces and needs to remove bottlenecks and barriers to productivity.

The ROI:

$1.5M in labor gains through increased time on tool

Equipment Utilization

A major chemical producer needs visibility into which vendor and equipment rental is under-utilized to identify where unnecessary equipment return could reduce costs on turnarounds.

The ROI:

30% budget returned on under-utilized fleets

Site Safety

An international natural gas processor repeatedly failed safety audits and needed to improve evac and muster times.

The ROI:

70% drop for time to safety

See Our Solution In Action

Spot-r® by Triax is a comprehensive solution that offers a customized blend of devices, network, application, and insights to capture, synthesize, and act on field data.

Achieve Unparalleled Workplace Safety & Visibility

Dependable Technology for Unparalleled Workplace Safety & Visibility


Win more bids and save more margin with easy-to-install insight into labor productivity and safety on every job site.


Whether you want to improve evacuation and muster times or eliminate costly bottlenecks, our actionable analytics can get you there faster.


Be the go-to partner for responsible and sustainable mining practices with a secure safety solution that helps you better protect workers on site.

Worksites Across North & Latin America Rely on Spot-r by Triax

From construction sites to oil and gas refineries to heavy industrial facilities, Spot-r’s rugged hardware, low-maintenance network, and user-friendly dashboard enable safer, smarter, more efficient sites.

    46% baseline non-productive billed hours
    10% gain using Triax
    $1.5M contractor productivity gain


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Case Study

INVISTA’s Orange, TX plant partnered with Triax during a major turnaround event to measure and optimize contract labor spend.

Using Spot-r, Invista uncovered substantial bottlenecks negatively impacting labor productivity. Productivity was measured and reported to block coordinators in real-time; empowering Ops Managers to make real-time decisions. Spot-r insights yielded substantial improvement to Time On Tool and increased ROI for the entire project.

Our Clients

Industry leaders trust Triax for workforce optimization solutions.

Triax is committed to helping our clients achieve higher labor productivity and safety goals with every installation of the Spot-r suite of technology.

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