About Triax

It’s our mission to make the most challenging worksites run safer and faster with innovative technology and real-time data.

Based in Norwalk, CT, we’ve been connecting the most challenging environments throughout North America with our IoT (Internet of Things) platform since 2012.

Our flagship Spot-r system elevates worksite visibility, safety and security with real-time, data-driven visibility. Spot-r enables actionable insights, helping firms streamline site access, manpower, safety incidents, and evacuation and muster procedures.

Made in America, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and work hard every day to better connect worksite leaders with their teams using insights.

Our Core Values

At Triax we bring our core values to life:

Act for the Customer First

Operate with Urgency

Hold Ourselves and Others Accountable

Strive for Excellence and a Positive Attitude

Encourage Individual Initiative

Embrace a Collaborative Environment

Key Announcements and Recognition

Meet Our Leadership Team

James Franklin

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, James is responsible for leading the company and guiding all operations to achieve company goals. He brings a background of more than 20 years in technology leadership with market leaders, such as Oracle, HP, and Accenture, and has relevant experience in a number of fields that touch where Triax has been a market leader.

His success with wearable solutions at Omnilink, where he started and led their commercial Location Based Services business, is well aligned with our products and innovations. And just coming off the successful acquisitions and mergers of SpaceIQ and iOFFICE (workplace software solutions) by ThomaBravo, his experiences are tailor made to take Triax Technologies to the next level.

Justin Morgenthau

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Justin is responsible for leading product development and applying emerging technologies to solve the unique challenges of the industries we serve. Justin brings to Triax a broad array of embedded systems engineering experience, from aerospace to telecommunications, including nearly a decade at United Technologies. Prior to joining Triax, he founded and led a successful mobile application development firm, where he and his team crafted apps for clients including Ford and Bosch.

John P. Goan

Vice President of Energy and Industrials

As Vice President of Energy and Industrials, John is responsible for managing relationships, product, and deployment to meet the diverse needs of Triax’s heavy industrial clients. Focusing on industries such as Mining, Oil and Gas / Petrochemical, and power generation, John builds strategic relationships with expertise from industry and operations to tailor Triax’s product lines to meet industry-specific needs. John has over a decade of experience in Oil and Gas, with executive experience managing U.S. Onshore Oil and Gas operations, large capital projects, and commercial trading. John has a BS in Finance from The University of Montana, and would probably prefer to be fishing, hunting, or skiing.

Ian Ouellette

Vice President of Product

As Vice President of Product, Ian is responsible for the evolution of Triax Technologies’ product line and the growth of the platform’s analytical functionality that centers around client- and industry-specific business problems and use cases. Ian has been creating data products and applying advanced data analytics to solve problems across a variety of industries including telecom, healthcare operations, and biotech since 2009. Prior to joining Triax, he focused on modeling human behavior and automated decisioning. Ian holds an M.S. degree in Statistics from Columbia University.

Vice President, Head of Marketing

Maggie Williams Dryden joined Triax Technologies in 2022 as Vice President, Head of Marketing. In this role she is responsible for all marketing, growth strategy, and positioning. Maggie brings more than 20 years of experience and leadership in driving value for growing organizations.

Prior to joining Triax, Maggie spent almost a decade leading and growing various aspects of marketing for enterprise software organizations in healthcare and supply chain technology. Her SaaS resume includes e2open, Manhattan Associates, Numerex, and SCI Solutions. Maggie started her career in hospitality with The Ritz-Carlton, then spent several years marketing for Huron Consulting Group.

Maggie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with an emphasis on Strategic Communications from the University of Minnesota. She currently resides in her hometown of Atlanta, GA.

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