Automate Vaccine Management & Tracking

Track, Monitor, and respond to COVID-19 with Triax’s automated Spot-r solutions.

Optimize COVID-19 Safety

Organizations can’t afford to shut down or interrupt production due to COVID-19 regulations. Not to mention the severe fines that could result from non-compliance with OSHA.

By utilizing our Spot-r Solutions, your company can implement tracking processes that mitigate the risk of exposing your workforce and stay compliant with government regulation.

Quickly Implement COVID Processes

Make it simple for everyone – staff, employees, visitors – to upload their vaccination record card or negative test documentation to meet new OSHA health guidelines.

Easily track and manage COVID-19 status for your entire workforce using a secure cloud environment. Save time and resources needed to ensure that the processes in place are being followed and quickly adjust workflows for better site safety and security.

Automate Access, Alerts, and Reporting

Gain the visibility needed to prevent any potential exposure by automating your worksite access. Actively ensure employees maintain current COVID-19 credentials and receive instant alerts for any breaches – giving you the time to take immediate action and avoid violations.

Industries Served

A Closer Look Into OSHA’s ETS Mandate

OSHA issued a new Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) for COVID-19 mandating companies with 100 employees or more to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination or submit to weekly testing.

Organizations will have to develop, implement, and enforce a policy for all workers on site, along with a reporting structure to monitor compliance.

According to the ETS, employers will need to fulfill several conditions or face severe fines of up to $136,532 per infraction.

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Automate Your Worksite

Manage COVID-19 safety processes and create a safer workplace with Triax’s Spot-r Solutions.