Management Controls and Triax Technologies Combine Tech Capabilities to Unlock Invaluable Visibility for Contractor Management

Integrating the location tracking functionality from Triax Technologies with Management Controls’ TRACK platform will enhance worksite safety, productivity, and budget performance.

Houston, TX – Feb. 23, 2023 – Management Controls Inc. (MCi), the leading provider of contractor management software, is partnering with Triax Technologies (Triax), a leading provider of IoT-connected worker solutions, to equip plant, maintenance, and project management leaders with real-time contractor workforce data. By integrating the Spot-r® capabilities from Triax into MCi’s TRACK platform, organizations can improve worksite safety, productivity, and budget performance across routine maintenance, turnarounds/outages, and capital projects. Return of over 10X the original investment or more is typical of a combined MCi-Triax installation.

Even minor worksite hazards can escalate into significant safety issues. Using the newly integrated MCi/Triax solution, organizations can better address some of their most common worksite risks. The automated mustering feature for emergency events helps decrease time to safety and ensures OSHA compliance.  Fatigue management can ensure worker safety and reduce risk of an incident.  In fact, the Triax Spot-r solution has already helped clients reduce site evacuation and muster times by as much as 72%.

Beyond safety benefits, the integrated solution also will expand and automate visibility into contractor productivity and actual hours of equipment usage – reducing two major factors of overbilling. On average, 43% of a contractor’s time on-site is spent in non-productive zones. Further, it is often up to a contractor to submit information about equipment usage to bill back to the project owner. The integrated MCi/Triax solution offers deeper visibility into billing processes, taking the guess work out of common blind spots, and providing controls to better manage and reduce contractor labor, equipment, and materials spend.

“Our integration with Triax unlocks new opportunities for our customers to see beyond the site perimeter, all the way down to the unit level where work is being performed.  This provides a more granular view of labor and equipment activity and highlights opportunities for site efficiencies and improved time on tools results” said Ken Naughton, President of MCi. “Combining the efficiencies achieved across multiple sites, our customers can reap significant cost and time savings across their business.”

“Spot-r and TRACK are natural partners,” said James Franklin, CEO of Triax Technologies. “Safety and productivity are top of mind for anyone running a large jobsite. Together Triax and MCi are empowering our clients to monitor staff, contractors and equipment, both physically and digitally, as they work and move across their facilities. This enables better safety, value, and productivity.” This integration is now available to all current and new MCi and Triax customers. To learn more about MCi’s TRACK platform and capabilities, visit:

About Management Controls

Management Controls, Inc. (MCi) helps companies obtain better visibility, control, and productivity from their contract workforce. MCi’s TRACK® Platform provides automated contract compliance as well as a holistic view across their entire labor, equipment, and materials spend. TRACK’s real-time data can be proactively applied to optimize performance and safety for routine maintenance, turnarounds, capital projects and operations. With the powerful addition of MCI’s Insights-as-a-Service and its managed service offering TRACK-as-a-Service (TaaS), companies can leverage MCi’s 30+ years of experience to get even more out of TRACK, as well as identify opportunities to improve site productivity overall.

About Triax Technologies

Triax Technologies is committed to delivering innovative, people-centric solutions that enable our clients to be safer and more productive. 

Asset-intensive organizations that hire and manage a large, combined workforce of contractors and employees, often lack true visibility at the work level. The absence of actionable data often leads to bottlenecks, budget overages, extended project timelines, increased worker safety incidents, and a decline in workforce productivity.

Triax Technologies helps to connect workers and physical assets to provide business leaders with decision-grade data. Our platform empowers visibility into productivity metrics, safety compliance, and equipment management. 

The Spot-r® suite is a comprehensive solution that offers a proprietary blend of devices (including wearable technology and facial recognition cameras), networks, applications, and insights to gather and synthesize hard to capture field data in real time. The company is privately held and based in Norwalk, Connecticut. Learn more at

*Spot-r® is a registered trademark of Triax Technologies, Inc.

Management Controls and Triax Technologies Combine Tech Capabilities to Unlock Invaluable Visibility for Contractor Management