Managing a Worksite IoT Technology Solution: How Difficult Is It, Really?

In part 3 of this series, we will dispel myths about IoT technology management for industrial sites.

If you’re considering an IoT data collection and analysis solution for your industrial site, there is a range of criteria you will want to keep in mind as you select a provider, including change management, privacy levels, implementation times and overall cost. 

Common Questions Regarding IoT Technology Management

Once a worksite IoT solution has been implemented, how much work will you and your team have to do to manage it?  How do the data capture devices charge—and for how long? How likely are they to malfunction? Will your IT staff be overrun with connectivity issues and other support requests? 

You will want to thoroughly vet the power and support requirements of every solution option—and make sure they meet your specific job site needs before selecting a solution and/or provider.

How often will IoT data capture devices and networking components need to be charged?

Adequate power cycles are not a given when it comes to IoT devices. Wearables, like any other consumer-friendly technology, are only getting smaller over time. Remember the original size of a cell phone? Consumer demand dictates that as a device’s data collection sensor functionality becomes more advanced, the size and weight shrink.

The demand for low-power solutions for IoT devices is high. A common concern: smaller or “miniaturized” pieces of technology, particularly ones with sensors like a safety wearable, generally don’t leave much room for a battery that can accommodate the power drain. 

If your safety wearable runs out of battery every few hours, you won’t be able to meaningfully track productivity and safety across the worksite to gain actionable insights. Without reliable data capture and networking capability, the business and safety value return on investment (ROI) of the solution evaporates. 

At Triax, our device power cycles span for months, not days like a cell phone. Additionally, your workers also won’t have to deal with constantly charging the device. Our devices are also completely solar and battery-enabled, so you don’t have to worry about excessive electricity drain that would complicate daily use and/or your ESG targets.

How durable are IoT data capture devices?

In terms of maintenance, durability is extremely important in data capture devices, from facial recognition cameras to wearable technology sensors and equipment tracking tags. Workers in industrial environments aren’t typically at a desk, but instead perform challenging manual labor in sometimes high-stress, high-risk environments. The devices have to be able to withstand  reasonable wear and tear. In many environments, there’s also a requirement around intrinsic safety. Will the data capture devices, including wearables for workers, meet this requirement?

Design matters. If thousands of workers are wearing a device and there’s a design flaw or equipment defect, you could have to correct that issue thousands of times. If maintenance becomes too time-consuming and/or costly, the solution cannot provide the ROI that warranted the investment. Adequate support and clearly established protocols for accessing that support through your provider are key. 

What level of maintenance will be required? 

Maintenance is a crucial consideration when choosing any IoT solution—perhaps especially in the industrial field. You must be sure that you’re collecting continuous data from workers and equipment on your site during working hours. 

At Triax, we offer device maintenance as an ongoing service to our clients, so your IT team can focus on their core responsibilities. We’re also easy to reach with a single point of contact so the support process is always seamless. 

Triax Technology: Worksite IoT Technology Management Solutions

Before you choose a technology product or service, it’s critical to ask the hard questions to make informed decisions. We’re here to help you do just that. Stay tuned for our fourth installment of this series, where we’ll explore the challenges of data security. 

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Managing a Worksite IoT Technology Solution: How Difficult Is It, Really?