Advancing Construction Site Safety

Powering work force safety with real-time communication and location technology

Spot-r by Triax

Mitigate operational and safety risks with zone-based location management

Secure Wireless Mesh Network

Mobile Sensor Positioning

Safety Incident Alerts

Real-time Dashboard Analytics

Total Workers (42)

Ground Level - West (22)
  • Abel J.
  • Andrew G.
  • Bautista T.
  • Bob P.
  • Brendan M.
  • Carlos A.
  • Christopher B.
  • Cindy T.
  • Dave B.
  • Henry H.
  • Jackie F.
  • Ken W.
  • Louis Q.
  • Luis M.
  • Mike L.
  • Pavlina J.
  • Pete S.
  • Ryan D.
  • Silvio A.
  • Trevor R.
  • Victor H.
  • William E.
Ground Level - East (20)
  • Ali J.
  • Daniel M.
  • Erica M.
  • Garcia B.
  • Jose T.
  • Jovei B.
  • Juan R.
  • Maggie D.
  • Marco S.
  • Mark B.
  • Murray C.
  • Paul F.
  • Paulo S.
  • Phil D.
  • Richard M.
  • Rita S.
  • Russell R.
  • Steve D.
  • Steve K.
  • Ted B.


Ground Level - East


Ground Level - West

Sensor Specs

3"H x 2"W x 0.75"D
Lightweight belt-clip sensor moves with workers
Self-alert button empowers workers to report hazards/injuries
1 Year Battery
Made in the USA

Mobile Dashboard

Reliable and secure risk management system provides comprehensive visibility to worksite activity

Auto Check-in/Out

Automatic badge-in and badge-out allows managers to identify the number and location of workers on site at any point in time

Real-time Alerts

Real-time safety incident notifications via email or SMS allow for better response to potential injuries

Site Safety Spotters

Self-alert button allows workers to report unsafe conditions or incidents without having to leave work area

Audible Evac Alerts

Real-time audible alerts via sensor's speaker notify entire worksite in case of an emergency that requires evacuation

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