Unprecedented jobsite connectivity, providing data-driven visibility into worker location, equipment utilization and safety incidents

Connecting Jobsites

Scalable, non-GPS network is deployed by Triax to connect your jobsite as each new structure goes up, improving project oversight and safety

Automatic Headcount

Identify the number and location of workers on site at any point, whether you’re five floors – or five miles – away, with our wearable technology

Two-Way Safety Alerts

Automatic, real-time slip, trip, and fall notifications and hazard alerts for targeted response to potential incidents and near misses

Site-Wide Evacuation

Evacuation system alerts all workers simultaneously, without language barriers, providing clarity and control in case of emergency

Powerful Real-Time, Data-Driven Workforce and Safety Management

Few other industries are in greater need of - or more ready for - technological transformation than the construction industry. With work sites’ changing structures, heavy machinery and equipment, tools, materials and various trade activity, secure jobsite connectivity and coverage has remained just out of reach. Until now.

Construction’s lagging digitization is best demonstrated by two key challenges: lack of total worksite visibility – automatically knowing who is on a jobsite and where they’re located – and lack of effective, real-time tools to transmit and communicate important site, personnel and safety information. The majority of construction firms today still rely on manual headcounts and methods to track and process time and attendance; visual safety checks to ensure no incidents have occurred; and air horns to signal an emergency. Those days are now behind us.

Spot-r by Triax’s IoT-based, enterprise solution collects and harnesses valuable workforce and safety data into actionable information. By providing the info you need, accessible anytime from anywhere, construction organizations can coordinate resources, minimize downtime, mitigate risk, and keep projects safe and on-target.



Oakland, CA
JBKnowledge ConTech Roadshow: Oakland
29 - 31
Naples, FL
AGC Surety Bonding and Construction Risk Management Conference

We are committed to developing and delivering the first truly connected jobsite, partnering with dedicated industry leaders, solutions, experts and change agents to enable real-time, data-driven project, workforce and safety management.



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