Spot-r by Triax

Unprecedented jobsite connectivity, providing data-driven visibility into worker location, equipment utilization and safety incidents

Scalable Network

Spot-r's proprietary mesh network is deployed by Triax to connect your jobsite and enable data collection for improved project oversight and safety.

Automatic Headcount

Spot-r Clips identify the number and location of workers on site at any point in time, providing crucial visibility that's accessible from any smart device.

Safety Alerts

Automatic slip, trip, and fall notifications and worker push-button alerts improve response to possible injuries or near-misses.

Site-Wide Evacuation

High-decibel, highly visual alerts notify workers of a situation that requires evacuation to the muster point, augmenting current procedures.

Equipment Location

Non-GPS EquipTag provides the real-time location of your equipment - indoors or outdoors - and overcomes the limitations of traditional telematics.

Operator Identification

Know when your equipment and machinery is being operated, by whom, and if they're certified to do so, improving compliance and minimizing risk.

Optimize Resources

See how often equipment is being used at your jobsite, and by whom, improving resource allocation, minimizing downtime, and maximizing machine rentals.

Real-time Insights

On-going and historical aggregate workforce, equipment, and safety data improve project management and execution now - and into the future.

The Next Big Thing in Construction Is Happening Now

In construction, change is the only constant, and the chaotic nature of a worksite with various trades, materials, and heavy machinery and equipment makes sitewide connectivity a technical challenge.

Spot-r by Triax was developed to tackle construction's unique safety and productivity challenges, stemming from a demonstrated lack of real-time visibility and communication tools. Our proprietary networked sensor technology records and transmits valuable, real-time location and activity data within a defined area, without draining power supplies or adding administrative burdens or technical complexity. Construction is in the midst of a technological revolution, and it all starts with the ability to collect accurate, immediate data that, until now, has been unobtainable. Spot-r by Triax is delivering the connected jobsite of the future, today.



18 - 22
Long Beach, CA
ABC Convention 2018
19 - 20
New York, NY
New York Build 2018
11 - 13
Chicago, IL
BuiltWorlds Summit 2018
25 - 27
Miami, FL
CFMA’s Annual Conference & Exhibition

We are committed to developing and delivering the first truly connected jobsite, partnering with dedicated industry leaders, solutions, experts and change agents to enable real-time, data-driven project, workforce and safety management.



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