spot-r by Triax

Powering workforce safety and accountability with real-time communication and location technology

Connecting Jobsites

Deploy a low-maintenance, scalable solution that grows with your project as each new structure goes up.

Automatic Headcount

Identify the number and location of workers on site at any point in time, while keeping track of individual hours logged

Safety Alerts

Real-time safety incident notifications allow for better response to potential injuries

Flag Hazards

Report unsafe site conditions or incidents without leaving work area

Construction Remains One of the Least Digitized Industries

Few other sectors are in greater need or more ready for technology transformation than the construction industry. While tools, equipment and regulations have improved, jobsites today function largely in the same way as worksites from the 1950s, relying on manual processes, visual checks and time-consuming entry of data to coordinate people, assets and project progress.

spot-r by Triax harnesses valuable daily worksite data into actionable information that helps keep projects safe, efficient and on-schedule.

What People Are Saying

A.P. Construction is experiencing the improved real-time safety awareness, visibility and communication that Triax offers. Improved safety performance via spot-r benefits us all - from the personal well-being and engagement of our employees to the financial performance of our subcontractors.

Tom Walsh III, Executive Vice President, A.P. Construction

spot-r by Triax is the future of construction safety. The wireless belt clip is small, light, and super easy-to-use without getting in the way of what you’re doing. spot-r makes managing the safety of a construction site of 100+ people stress-free.

Andrew Glassman, Project Manager, A.P. Construction

I was first introduced to the spot-r system a year ago and have been using it ever since. The device is easy-to-wear, and it's comforting to know that if I have an accident, someone will be notified and act immediately. As far as I’m concerned, everyone in this industry should be wearing one of these wearable devices.

Brendan Walsh, Project Manager, Camsan Electrical Contractors

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