Technology is improving the way companies do business across every industry, and construction is no exception to that rule. Our Spot-r wearable technology is designed to streamline operations, improve safety and efficiency, and provide you with the data you need to help your company thrive. Here are the top five reasons to adopt our technology at the jobsite.

#1 – Eliminate Manual Headcounts

Part of managing projects involves knowing how many workers are on each site, on each floor, when they arrive and leave, and what they’re doing while they’re on the job. While performing a manual headcount, copying that information to a computer and sharing with the back-office works, it is a time-consuming process that creates room for error. Our wearable technology allows you to see in real-time how many employees are active across every one of your jobsites and lets you see where they are spending their time without having to be physically present at each location.

#2 – Connect Your Jobsites with Wearable Technology

If you are responsible for several large, remote projects at the same time, you need a way to easily access information across wide geographic regions. In addition, as structures become more sophisticated and complex, solutions need to be scalable and able to cut through tough materials, without adding tons of hardware and network infrastructure. Our Spot-r system was designed to be as low maintenance as possible, so you never have to worry about power disruptions or the headache that comes with maintaining the system. Connected jobsites facilitate collaboration, communication, and safety across your entire workforce, which improves productivity and project quality.

#3 – Identify Risks by Reporting Unsafe Conditions Instantly

If an employee comes across an unsafe condition or needs assistance, he or she can use our wearable technology to send an alert to supervisors in real-time, without leaving their work area. Instead of simply discussing an empowered culture where workers have cards to “stop work,” Spot-r allows you to provide your employees with a real-time, effective tool to participate in site safety. Identifying “near-miss” incidents in real-time means risky behaviors and site-specific hazards can be addressed proactively – hopefully before an incident occurs. This allows the employer to understand areas of safety concern on a jobsite and be proactive rather than reactive if someone should get hurt.

#4 – Streamline Cost-Coding

Instead of relying on old-fashioned timecards and wasting time entering that information into various computer programs, our Spot-r technology automatically records time and attendance, badging workers in and out of the jobsite when their wearable device connects with Spot-r’s network. The platform’s API means that developers have the flexibility to work with the code in order to push or pull it into their existing software, such as Procore, for better processing of the data. Our integration with Procore, for example, allows Spot-r manpower data to be pushed into their cost-coding daily reports.

#5 – Ensure Each Worker Returns Home Safely

Construction remains one of the least digitized industries in the country, despite the inherent dangers of the field. At the heart of the Spot-r wearable technology is the desire and ability to improve employee and site safety. By alerting site superintendents the moment a safety incident occurs, and sending site wide evacuation alerts in case of an emergency, Spot-r provides peace of mind and ensures that each worker has a partner on the job. The push button alert further allows workers to report a site hazard, potential injury or request help, empowering each level of the project work chain to participate – and work towards – zero incidents on the job.