To celebrate Construction Safety Week 2018, Triax asked its employees what they do to promote safety on – and off – the jobsite. Why is it important to promote safety? Who is affected by safety, and what is your safety pledge to ensure we are “Stronger and Safer Together”?

Mark Wagner, Electrical Engineer:
As a product designer I work to specifications. From my perspective, my attitude toward safety is to ensure what we put in the customer’s hands is reliable (ensuring the safety benefit of the product) and the processes used to produce product don’t injure anyone (tools, chemical exposure, etc.) #MySafetyPledge is to design in reliability and performance so we ALWAYS have the confidence of our customers.

BONUS: Why is safety important and whose responsibility is it to promote? “To put into action the mantra ‘people are our greatest asset’ by protecting them. The responsibility is with those in a position to effect change. The more you can engage the entire team, the better coverage you will have.

What simple choice can be made each day to set the stage for safety? “Strive for attention to detail. Details matter.”

Jeremy Turkel, VP of Field Operations:

I promote safety for my team, and everyone on the job site is affected by these choices. Watching out for unsafe conditions as a team will create a safer environment. #MySafetyPledge is to make sure my team has the right tools to complete the job.

Bob Dolan, National Account Manager:
When we think before acting, we are stronger and safer together. Individuals make a difference but a group acting together affects change. Stop and look around and take my time before entering or exiting a structure, and strive to get proper rest and be alert at all times.

Jobsite Safety

Michael Fraser, VP of Business Development:
Safety is what ensures that everyone goes home injury-free, and it’s everyone’s responsibility. Any one person can lead to an unsafe situation. People need to be able to trust that their colleagues are collectively committed to on-site safety, which is why I wear my Spot-r Clip each day.

Ryan Downing, Associate Firmware Engineer:
Safety in numbers is important because it means nobody will be left alone in an unsafe situation. When we look out for eachother, we are stronger and safer together. #MySafetyPledge is to make safety simpler with Spot-r by Triax.

Steve Wood, Director of Field Operations:
Safety is important to everyone on site because one person being unsafe puts others in danger. It is everyone’s responsibility on site to promote and encourage safety, and #MySafetyPledge is to use the proper PPE and always be aware of your surroundings while on site.