Triax understands the complexities of an active construction site, which is why we work every day to automate processes, boost efficiency, unlock actionable insights, and provide value to our clients. A dedicated project team works with you from pre-deployment/ground break all the way through project completion. As part of our Faces from the Field series, we’re introducing you to a member of our Field Operations team, Client Engagement Specialist James Caruso. 

“I grew up in a household of electricians, so I’ve always had a fascination with construction. When I learned about Triax’s work to address the lack of digitization in the construction industry, my interest was immediately piqued. I’ve had family members injured on site, so the Triax mission was extremely relatable for me.

One thing I love about my job is that there are no average/typical days at Triax. As a Client Engagement Specialist, my main focus is to understand our client’s goals to make sure they are met and exceeded. This starts with understanding the scope of their project, which is always unique, and begin strategizing the best deployment of the Spot-r network on site to maximize connectivity and visibility.

Once the network is deployed, I provide training sessions on our dashboard. I like to think of myself as an extension of the project team, always there to assist and to help them improve their jobsite visibility and safety throughout the duration of the project with data analysis and reporting, safety events, and webinars.

The most challenging part of my job is also the most rewarding – making sure each worker returns home the same way they arrived. Safety is our #1 priority, and Spot-r allows for improved medical response time and more efficient safety evacuations. One feature I love is the custom notifications that can be created to alert employers of upcoming OSHA certification expirations, which are required to be able to work on a jobsite. Each component empowers both employers and workers with tools to keep them and their colleagues safer every time they step foot on a jobsite.

As someone entrenched in the industry, I make a point to follow construction technological advancements, so we can continue to enhance our offering. Spot-r is the future of jobsite safety because it’s simple to adopt and it just works.”

BONUS: What questions do you most often get asked on site and how do you answer them?
  • Can I put the Clip in my pocket? “We recommend clipping it to your waist belt as it inconspicuous and will more accurately pick up any safety incidents.”
  • Does this track me? “This is a non-GPS solution. It provides your zone-based location when you’re on the jobsite, but it doesn’t know where you are when you leave the jobsite. The benefit of knowing your location by floor and zone is improved response to safety incidents.”

James can be reached on LinkedIn.