Now in its sixth year, Construction Safety Week overcomes traditional competitive boundaries and reminds the construction industry that safety doesn’t just happen – it is a choice that must be lived and practiced every day, across every jobsite. In recognition of Safety Week, we asked #TeamTriax about the steps they take on and off the jobsite to promote safety. Why is it important to promote safety and how do we ensure that the industry is stronger and safer together?

I pledge to keep in mind the impact my actions (or inactions) have on the safety of those around me. Every time I’m on site, I make a point to familiarize myself with entry and exit points and the location of first aid equipment. When we make a team commitment to safety, we are stronger and safer together. – Pete Schermerhorn, President and CEO

This #SafetyWeek, I pledge to pause and look around to ensure safety. – Bob Dolan, National Sales Director

This Safety Week, I pledge to get home safe to my family. I use my PPE every time on site and work as a team. With a push-button to report hazards or signal distress to supervisors, you can be #SaferwithSpotr. – Jeremy Turkel, Vice President of Field Operations

I pledge to promote the improvement of safety culture on site by everyone, not just the safety director. I do this by being friendly, taking a personal interest in my co-workers, and asking questions every time I’m on site. With my Spot-r Clip, I can lie by the mantra “See something, say something” to do my part to identify and mitigate hazards. – Gavin Crescenzo, Business Development and Strategic Initiatives

Pay attention and don’t become complacent. Even with all the safety equipment and processes in place, things can still “go sideways” in a hurry. Leaders set the example. Do what is right and make sure everyone else sees that is the only acceptable action. Scott Caudle, Strategic Account Manager

I pledge to take the time to ensure my own safety and that of those around me because my family, friends, and employer depend on it. Be aware of surroundings and actively look for any potential safety issues. I take all the necessary precautions to ensure safety, but if I ever get into danger outside of my control, help is a simple button-press away with the Spot-r Clip. When we utilize the best technology available, we are stronger and safer together. -Matt Davis, Senior Director of Channel Sales

I am hyper-aware of my surroundings. Part of this is because I am not on sites very frequently so they’re often unfamiliar environments for me and I don’t want to take anything for granted or take any action, albeit unintentionally, that could put myself or anyone else on site at risk. When we care and are respectful of our surroundings, including the people we encounter, we are stronger and safer together. Lori Peters, Vice President of Marketing

I pledge to promote safety to each and every one of my sites and show how Spot-r can make that difference for getting the workers home safely! – Phil Epifano, Strategic Account Manager

Every time I’m on site, I wear my PPE for my friends, my family and my health. This #SafetyWeek (and every week), I pledge to act as a safety steward, promoting and motivating safety awareness. When we work together to enhance workflow and promote safety awareness, we are stronger and safer as an industry. – Julia Brenker, Client Engagement Specialist