From smartwatches to fitness trackers, wearable gadgets are all the rage in our personal lives, but the technology also is turning up in the workplace. And in the construction industry, the technology is proving to not only deliver new efficiencies, but revolutionize safety as well. 

Bob Dolan, our national sales director, will head to New Orleans this week to attend a new technology symposium and share how Spot-r is improving risk management in construction. Spotlight on Solutions 2019 is organized by Louisiana Comp Blog, an online publication that’s dedicated to reporting on workers’ compensation industry developments. 

Jobsite challenges

Building companies and general contractors face plenty of challenges when it comes to tracking workers and their activities across sprawling jobsites. Even today, they rely on paper-driven processes that can be tedious to fill out and error prone. 

Because everything is on paper and, often, trapped on the jobsite, there’s little opportunity to aggregate data and uncover actionable insights once a project is complete. And, when it comes to meeting regulations for jobsite evacuation drills, many companies still rely on air horns to notify workers.

What’s more, when workers are injured, there’s often a delay in the incident detection, notification and response. Immediate notification is critical, however, when it comes to workers’ compensation claims. The longer it takes for an incident to be reported, the higher the payout often is because the injury is compounded by the lack of prompt medical attention. 

Wearables solution

During this week’s talk, Bob will demonstrate how our wearable technology, the Spot-r Clip, which communicates to network pods stationed across a jobsite, solves those problems. When clipped to a worker’s belt, Spot-r can track a worker’s time and attendance and pinpoint their location on a site, sending real-time digital data to the cloud to identify trends and reinforce safety best practices.

In an evacuation, the Spot-r EvacTag allows supervisors to alert workers immediately by activating high-decibel, flashing alarms on each device. During the evacuation, supervisors can monitor their workers’ locations to ensure they’ve left the site. With the Spot-r EvacTag, our users report that they’re able to reduce evacuation drill time by 72%.

When it comes to injured workers, the Spot-r Clip is able to detect and document worker free falls as they happen. At the same time, with a press of a button, workers can notify their supervisor immediately that they need help instead of having to walk back to the construction trailer for assistance. With the device, workers can shave precious minutes and even hours off the response time, ensuring that they get the quick medical attention they need. 

Big benefits

Once companies implement Spot-r, the benefits are clear. During the talk, Bob will share the details about how one major building company improved injury response times by 91% with Spot-r. Another industry-leading contractor shaved 214 production hours each month with Spot-r’s automated time and attendance capabilities. 

Dolan will speak from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., June 27th, at the tech symposium in New Orleans. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how our wearable technology can minimize risk on your jobsites.