Renovations at colleges, hospitals soar, and so does the need for visibility, security

Renovations on college and health care campuses are booming. And that means visibility into who is on the construction site - and who has access to patients or students - is more vital than ever. We can help

Control access to your jobsite with our latest solution - Spot-r Access Control

Our new Spot-r Access Control solution goes far beyond simply limiting who can walk on site. In addition to restricting access, it also adds a new layer of control and visibility that allows supervisors to track everythi

Considering worker safety technology? Here’s how the network options stack up

The construction safety technology sector has grown at a fast pace in recent years as new solutions come online that are aimed at making jobsites safer and more connected.

Wearables and insurance: Triax to highlight benefits at Spotlight on Solutions

Spot-r can track a worker’s time and attendance and pinpoint their location on a site, sending real-time digital data to the cloud to identify trends and reinforce safety best practices.

Triax Toolbox Talk: Changing Safety Culture in Construction

Triax National Account Manager, Jake Tuck, shares his thoughts on changing safety culture in construction, starting with communication and employee engagement.

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In this #FacesFromTheField blog post, we're speaking to Blue Collar Labs' Karl Sorensen about his experience in the industry, the importance of innovation, and what he expects to see in the future.

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