Date: June 18, 2020
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am

CMAA (Construction Management Association of America) is hosting this webinar given by Ian Ouellette, VP of Product for Triax.

As contractors return to work on sites that have been shut down by shelter-in-place orders, the construction industry has been drastically changed by the effects of the pandemic. Contractors must be prepared for the long term and the “new normal”. This webinar will cover some of the things that have altered construction sites across the country and how you can keep things moving on your site. With an increased focus on jobsite safety, longer project delivery times, and a greater use of technology, the way we see construction sites running will change significantly.

This webinar will address the following things you’ll need to consider for operating sites in the “new normal”:

•    Solutions to address worker safety, social distancing, and contract tracing

•    Communication and staying connected on the jobsite

•    Having visibility into who is on your jobsite

•    Ways to keep site access secure

•    Managing worker density across your site