In today’s world, a successful jobsite is a connected one. And, as more technologies are rolled out for the construction sector, integration between those various platforms and systems is increasingly important.

That’s why we are excited to announce our new partnership with EarthCam, the leading provider of construction camera technology and services. Working together, we’ll be offering an enhanced solution that bolsters site safety and security and reduces jobsite risk. 

Our Spot-r platform, of course, is known for the real-time visibility it provides contractors and builders. With an Internet of Things-enabled device that’s secured to a worker’s belt or a piece of equipment, our patented mesh network protocol makes it possible to identify worker and equipment location on any Spot-r enabled jobsite.

With Spot-r, users also can immediately pull up the credentials of every worker who is logged into the system and, through Spot-r Access Control, monitor the comings and goings of workers. With Access Control, site managers can restrict access to jobsites at the turnstiles, track time and attendance, identify who’s on and off site, document safety incidents, manage worker certifications, and determine if workers aren’t following site access rules.

And, thanks to our collaboration with EarthCam, we’re enhancing our Access Control platform with video clips that are logged each time an employee walks in and out of our full-height turnstiles. Now, EarthCam’s high-resolution video cameras will be attached on or near those turnstiles to visually identify workers as  they enter or exit a site. With it, site managers can quickly pull up individual video clips for every person who goes through the turnstile.

While traditional security camera footage often is so grainy that it’s difficult to make out faces or information, EarthCam employ top-of-the-line cameras that provide pictures that are so clear, viewers can drill down to read what’s on a person’s security badge or, even, an article in a newspaper.

Our partnership with EarthCam offers a variety of important benefits to contractors and builders who are seeking better ways to improve site safety and security. 

Ingress and Egress Verification

The cameras document what’s happening each time a worker moves through the turnstile, providing clear information about who may be entering or exiting the site at a particular moment. The videos can highlight potential for operational improvements if, for instance, individuals are letting in co-workers who may have forgotten their Spot-r Clip for the day or others who are tailgating workers.

Dispute Resolution and Risk Management Tool

When disputes come up, the videos offer a clear picture of what actually happened. If a worker complains of a jobsite injury to their leg, site managers can pull up video from when they entered the site to determine if they were limping when they started on the job for the day, prior to the supposed incident taking place. The pictures also can verify that all workers are following the proper safety procedures, such as wearing the correct safety gear.

In other words, the integration between Triax and EarthCam is one more way for contractors and builders to verify that projects are moving forward in a safe and secure manner. 

A pilot project to launch the partnership already has been a big success at one New York site. Nick Lettire,  president and CEO of Lettire Construction, said the integration offers him “peace of mind knowing that we are covering all the bases when it comes to controlling who is entering and exiting our site.” Now, we’re excited to roll out the solution to other organizations across the country. Ready to learn more? Contact us.

Ready to learn more? Contact us.